Iggy Is Better Than Ever


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The second book in the Iggy series about the lovable troublemaker by New York Times bestselling author Annie Barrows (Ivy + Bean).

After making a few mistakes in Book 1 (only one that he regrets), Iggy and his friends embark on another hilarious prank, this time involving gardening tape and cars (just go with it).
     No one gets hurt, but the last car involved happens to be driven by their never-smiling, Iggy-detesting principal. In order to not get caught, Iggy decides he'll be so good at school that he'll be invisible. But the tension of all that goodness builds and builds in Iggy, and, no surprise, it bursts out in a gasp-inducing, very bad way.
     In the second installment of Annie Barrows's new series about how causing a little bit of trouble can sometimes be a whole lot of fun, Iggy almost realizes that the consequences of his actions can affect others. Almost.

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