About Rachel Elizabeth Cargle

Rachel Cargle is an Akron, Ohio-born public academic, writer, and philanthropic innovator. Her upcoming book with The Dial Press, I Don’t Want Your Love and Light, examines the intersection of race, feminism, and womanhood and how we are in relationship with ourselves and one another. Rachel is the founder and president of The Loveland Foundation, Inc., her non-profit offering free therapy to Black women and girls. Rachel recently launched The Great Unlearn, a self-paced, self-priced community utilizing Rachel’s monthly curated social syllabi. As a gift to her younger self, Rachel created Elizabeth’s Bookshop & Writing Centre, currently an online independent bookstore and innovative literacy center designed to amplify, celebrate, and honor the work of writers who are often excluded from traditional cultural, social, and academic canons. Rachel is a regular contributor to Harper’s Bazaar and has been featured in The Washington Post, Essence, The New York Times, Refinery29, Forbes, Glamour (UK), and The New Yorker.